NRStor Supports the Skidegate Band Council and Old Massett Village Council in New Tll Yahda Energy Partnership

Today, the Skidegate Band Council (SBC) and Old Massett Village Council (OMVC), of Haida Gwaii, announced their 50/50 partnership, Tll Yahda Energy (TYE) to initiate, develop and own renewable energy projects on Haida Gwaii, moving towards their goal of 100% clean renewable energy, eliminating all diesel generation and diesel fuel shipments for power production. The first phase of the project, supported by funding from Natural Resource Canada, will enable community ownership of an existing hydro asset and deploy new solar generation and energy storage, enabling significant community ownership and local economic as well as environmental benefits to be achieved. NRStor is thrilled to partner with SBC, OMV and Atlantic Power to support the communities’ leadership on energy that will result in significant diesel reductions on Haida Gwaii as well as local economic benefits. Specifically, SBC, OMVC, NRStor and Atlantic Power are jointly working to:
  • Recontract an existing hydro asset supplying clean power to Haida Gwaii’s south grid, enabling community ownership
  • Expand the hydro asset to optimize and increase clean power generation
  • Launch a jobs and training program for local involvement in the project
  • Deploy new solar generation integrated with energy storage on Haida Gwaii’s north grid, which is currently served only by diesel generation
  • Assess options for the deployment of future renewable energy technologies reducing diesel dependence, and design a comprehensive clean energy system that would achieve 100% renewable generation across Haida Gwaii
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