Unleashing the Value of Compressed Air Energy Storage in Ontario

As our electricity system continues to expand, the role of energy storage solutions in our future long term system planning will also grow. Traditionally, electricity has been a challenge to store in large quantities and over long periods of time however innovative energy storage technologies provide many valuable services to the grid. It enables the optimization [...]

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Energy Storage – Unlocking the Value for Alberta’s Grid

In 2016, NRStor worked alongside a consortium of energy industry players to develop a whitepaper outlining recommendations for Energy Storage in Alberta. Energy storage will play an important role in Alberta's future. In November 2015, the Alberta government announced a new Climate Leadership Plan; central to the plan is transitioning the province’s energy generation [...]

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Flywheel Energy Storage

Minto facility Flywheel Energy Storage authored by Geoff Osborne. Original article published in the Canadian Consulting Engineer Magazine May 2016 edition. Electricity systems have undergone a transformation over the last century, from the first basic grids to the highly complex, interconnected and digital power systems of today. Ensuring there is enough electricity to [...]

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