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Hamlet of Kugluktuk Builds on its Renewable Energy Leadership Through a New Partnership with NRStor Remote Communities

Hamlet of Kugluktuk Builds on its Renewable Energy Leadership Through a New Partnership with NRStor Remote Communities

KUGLUKTUK, September 20, 2017 – The Hamlet of Kugluktuk, Nunavut is pleased to announce it is partnering with NRStor Remote Communities with the goal of developing a hybrid clean energy project incorporating wind, solar and storage. This project will significantly reduce diesel usage and local greenhouse gas emissions.

Kugluktuk has demonstrated its leadership in renewable energy in Canada’s North with its installation of a 10kW rooftop solar system on the community’s recreation complex in 2016. This project will build upon the community’s early successes to create a reliable and modern, low-carbon energy system.

“The Hamlet of Kugluktuk is excited to participate in this major clean energy project. This project will bring many benefits to our community, including reducing the environmental impact of our energy system and enabling us to own our energy,” stated Ryan Nivingalok, Mayor of Kugluktuk.

He explained, “With the growth in our community over the last 5 years, we realize that the operational cost of energy is going up and we must find ways to reduce cost. We see renewable energy as an opportunity to cut costs and enable the growth of our community.”

The Hamlet of Kugluktuk is working with NRStor Remote Communities to assess the local solar and wind resource and to build a business model that would deliver stable, long-term revenues to the community.

“I commend NRStor Remote Communities and the Hamlet of Kugluktuk for being pro-active and seeking solutions to reducing our communities’ dependence on fossil fuels and potentially lowering our greenhouse gas emissions,” said the Hon. Peter Taptuna MLA for Kugluktuk and Premier of Nunavut.

For this hybrid project, reductions in heating oil will also be explored, using high efficiency, proven technologies such as electric thermal storage or district heating. This community clean energy project will be deployed using a phased approach, aligning with Qulliq Energy Corporation’s announced upgrades to a high efficiency diesel system in Kugluktuk.

“In partnership with the Hamlet of Kugluktuk, NRStor Remote Communities looks forward to building a world-class, comprehensive renewable energy system in the high Arctic; a project that not only delivers sustainable energy but also delivers long-lasting economic benefits for the people of Kugluktuk,” said Ron MacDonald, President of NRStor Remote Communities.

The project has been strongly supported by the Hamlet of Kugluktuk Council and the Territorial government. This hybrid clean energy project supports the Hamlet’s goals of maximizing local emissions reductions and supporting the community’s continued growth.

Over the coming weeks and months, the Hamlet of Kugluktuk will be undertaking community consultations to seek local input on the project development.


About the Hamlet of Kugluktuk

Kugluktuk is the westernmost community in Nunavut. It is located north of the Arctic Circle on the Canadian mainland at the mouth of the Coppermine River where it feeds into Coronation Gulf, which is part of the Northwest Passage. Situated near the border with the Northwest Territories, the scenic valley of the Coppermine River was an ancient source of copper for the Inuit people. It has a unique microclimate that extends a narrow band of stunted boreal forest trees northwards toward the Arctic Ocean. ‘Kugluktuk’ means ‘place of moving water’ and the root word ‘kugluk’ means ‘waterfall.’ Upriver from this hospitable hamlet is the beautiful Kugluk cascade, also known as Bloody Falls, an ancient fishing and hunting location that is now a territorial park of historic and cultural importance.

About NRStor Remote Communities

NRStor Remote Communities is a renewable energy and energy storage project developer dedicated to partnering with remote off-grid Indigenous communities to reduce dependence on diesel fuel. NRStor Remote Communities works to develop, finance, co-own and -operate industry leading clean energy projects in partnership with progressive Northern communities and Indigenous organizations.


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