MCBC NRStor Toronto Battery Project

Project Summary

NRStor Inc., Mississaugas of the Credit Business Corporation (“MCBC”), and Aecon (collectively “The Project Partners”) are developing a Battery Energy Storage System (“BESS”) up to 200 MW, 800 MWh in size in the City of Toronto, in the Portlands area, through the jointly owned organization, MCBC NRStor Toronto Battery Project LP (“MCBC NRStor Toronto Battery Project”). The development efforts are in response to the LT1 RFP issued by the Government of Ontario through the IESO.



Project Name

Nameplate Capacity

Storage Technology Used

Legal Name of Project Entity

MCBC NRStor Toronto Battery Project

Up to 200 MW, 800 MWh

Battery Electricity Storage Facility – Lithium Ion Technology

MCBC NRStor Toronto Battery LP

Environmental Benefits

Energy storage offers greater flexibility to respond to system peaks, avoiding natural gas power and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

System Efficiencies

Energy storage can capture excess renewable energy and release it when needed, making a smoother transition to sustainable energy sources for your community.

Indigenous Partnerships

Co-developing this project with the Mississaugas of the Credit Business Corporation provides a pathway towards shared long-term benefits and meaningful economic reconciliation.

Project Location

Project Open House

Thank you for joining us on November 27, 2023 for our project open house. Meeting minutes will be posted to this website shortly. Please reach out to our project contact if you have any comments or questions. 

Project Updates

The Partners will have opportunities for engagement throughout the entire development process to ensure overall public support of the project, which includes hosting public open house(s), regular updates to the project website, and responding to any inquiries sent to the project contact.
  • November 27, 2023 – Project open house held

Project Documents

Project Inquiries

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Project Contact:
Mihskakwan James Harper, Business Development Manager