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NRStor Announces One Year of Commercial Operations at 2MW Flywheel Facility

NRStor Announces One Year of Commercial Operations at 2MW Flywheel Facility

Minto Flywheel Award

Wightman Telecom Business Innovation Community Achievement Awards. Belinda Wick-Graham, Business & Economic Manager, Town of Minto; Geoff Osborne, NRStor Associate; George Bridge, Town of Minto Mayor; Alexander McIsaac, NRStor Manager, Business Development & Projects

Today, NRStor Inc. announced that it has successfully completed one year of commercial operations at its 2 megawatt (MW) Temporal Power flywheel energy storage facility in Minto, Ontario.

The project is the first grid-connected commercial flywheel facility in Canada and provides regulation service to Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).  Regulation service is a contracted service that matches scheduled electricity generation to dynamic consumption; balancing the grid in real-time.

“We are extremely proud to have reached this milestone along with Temporal Power, the IESO, Westario Power and the town of Minto,” said NRStor Chair & CEO Annette Verschuren.


This is a game-changing technology and the first of many projects to come.  -Annette Verschuren, CEO NRStor


To date, the facility has withdrawn and reinjected over 2 million kilowatt-hours (kWh), or 2 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy. 1 A similarly sized natural gas generator might produce over 9,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions providing the same amount of regulation service.2 Flywheels do not require any additional fuel input, and as a result, do not release any additional greenhouse gas emissions through operation. Using flywheels for ancillary services can also free up existing assets, including hydroelectric generation, to be used more effectively.

“The Temporal and NRStor partnership has allowed us to deliver this exciting and high value project to Ontario,” said Eric Murray, CEO Temporal Power.


By offering unlimited duty cycle and responding significantly faster and more accurately than conventional resources, flywheels add flexibility to the system and complement the operation of existing generators. -Eric Murray, CEO Temporal Power


Town of Minto Mayor George Bridge praised NRStor and Temporal Power for their first year of operation.


Their vision was infectious from the start and the Town of Minto is proud to be the host of this facility. -George Bridge, Town of Minto Mayor


Earlier this year, NRStor was awarded the Wightman Telecom Business Innovation Community Achievement Award. The award is given to a business that demonstrates innovation in business practices, environmental stewardship, products or services and was presented by the Minto Chamber of Commerce.

1Based on hourly meter data provided by Meter Service Provider
2Natural gas emissions estimate taken from U.S. Energy Information Administration: Last updated March 30, 2015


About NRStor Inc.

NRStor Inc. is a privately held Toronto-based energy storage project developer focused on developing, owning and operating industry-leading energy storage technologies. NRStor is partnered with a variety of technology suppliers that manufacture and integrate flywheel, compressed air and battery energy storage systems. The Company offers flexible financing solutions to develop effective and cost-competitive storage systems based on clients’ precise technical and financial needs. NRStor is led by Chair & CEO Annette Verschuren, O.C.

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