2 MW Minto Flywheel Facility Market Impact Case Study, Power Advisory

Together with Power Advisory and the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), NRStor has completed a case study on our 2 MW Minto Flywheel Facility – the first grid-scale flywheel facility in Canada.

2 MW Minto Flywheel Facility: A Fast-Ramping Resource for Grid Regulation and other Electricity Services

The Minto flywheel energy storage facility – the first grid-scale flywheel facility in Canada – has proven the effectiveness of energy storage and innovative distributed energy resources (DERs) in providing fast-acting regulation services for over five years.

The facility continues to not only exceed performance expectations and deliver superior value, but it is a testing ground that enables the IESO to fine-tune ways of maximizing the output and delivery of regulation services of this and similar energy storage facilities.

Since 2014, and together with the IESO, the project has helped to drive forward Ontario’s energy storage sector in a variety of key ways including:

  • Regulatory Impacts
  • Commercial Impacts
  • Technical and Operational Impacts
  • Academic Learning & Community Collaboration

Looking ahead, the facility stands ready to continue operating and also test additional DER products that may continue to enable a more affordable, reliable and resilient grid for the future.

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