NRStor continues to grow its diverse portfolio of projects

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Facility

Goderich Ontario

Key Facts:

  • World’s first commercial fuel-free CAES facility
  • 1.75MW / 7MWh fuel-free Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Facility (with technology from Hydrostor)
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Flywheel Storage Facility

Town of Minto, Ontario

Key Facts:

  • 2MW / 500kWh Flywheel Facility
  • First contracted, grid-connected flywheel energy storage facility in Canada
  • Successfully operating since 2014
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Remote Community Microgrid

Hamlet of Arviat, Ontario

Key Facts:

  • Community accessible only by plane and summer barges used to bring in food and supplies, including diesel fuel for power
  • Deploying wind generation, bifacial solar generation and battery energy storage
  • Estimated prevention of more than 160 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions over the next 20 years
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Behind-the-Meter Storage Facility

Ontario Manufacturer

Key Facts:

  • Enabled participation in IESO Demand Response Auction and influenced Global Adjustment class
  • Expected to save 30% on energy costs
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Hybrid Battery/Flywheel Storage Facility

Clear Creek, Ontario

Key Facts:

  • 5 MW energy storage facility
  • Successful completion of reactive power validation and power quality testing
  • Operational in 2020
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Tesla Powerwall Installations

Key Facts:

  • Over 500 kW / 1.5 MWh of aggregate capacity installed (2017)
  • Over 14 MW / 28 MWh under development
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