Energy storage solutions to reduce overall energy costs including Global Adjustment

NRStor is the largest behind-the-meter energy storage developer in Ontario and we work with mid-to large commercial and industrial energy consumers.

We begin by understanding your unique energy needs including evaluating Global Adjustment (Class A or B), the layout of your facilities, and identifying other potential savings opportunities. We then develop a strategy, secure project financing, credit approval, and pre-development permitting. Deploying behind-the-meter energy storage results in energy cost savings using an emissions-free technology that does not impact your carbon footprint.

By investing in and operating the energy storage solution at your facility, NRStor requires no capital investment from your business, and minimal effort from or disruption to your operations.

How it works

NRStor connects the energy storage system behind-the-meter at the customer’s site. The solution does not disrupt or intrude on operations at any time and the facility remains connected to the grid at all times.

Featured Project

An industrial customer in Oakville, Ontario in the plastics injection molding business was struggling to lower their energy costs. NRStor was selected by the customer to build, own, and operate a 2MW/4MWh lithium ion battery energy storage solution (BESS) to help address their peak demand issues and create energy cost savings